Cooking Madness v2.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game MOD APK v2.7.0

Last Modified - April 23, 2024 Arcade
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(Unlimited Diamonds)
Dec 16, 2022
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Cooking Madness -A Chef's Game MOD APK

Cooking Madness

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been looking for a good cooking game for quite some time, and as a result, we found an amazing Cooking Madness app. With a highly addictive gameplay, you will spend hours trying to get the highest scores, the best scores, and the happiest customers. The Master Chef game has definitely become an internet sensation this year as many people have come together to show off their incredible coordination skills. After all, it’s not every day that you get a chance to be a good manager and command others. Many also praised the game because it has many different recipes that showcase cultures from all over the world. Of course, you will only enjoy this if you manage to overcome the stress of achieving high scores by preparing, preparing and serving meals on time. Beware, the game stays incredibly true to its name, so you’re sure to experience the culinary frenzy firsthand. But once you get the hang of it, we promise you’ll be thrilled.

What’s the point of this game?

The point is to have fun! You will start with a tiny restaurant in middle of nowhere. For those who like to tell stories a bit, the Cooking Madness game will take you through everything that happened to bring the building into such a horror. Bad management, high cost, lack of interest from the customer and all other sentimentality will make even the strongest heart break. Or you can skip all of this and jump right into the game. Once you find yourself in a terrible restaurant, you will immediately fall into the culinary craze. First, you must set up the aesthetic, plan the recipes, and prepare. Remember, customers are always hungry, always impatient and always right. Imagine a pack of hungry lions entering a den full of food. Yes, it’s so crazy. The fast changing environment will get you up and running in no time, but you will make it so fun that you will be grateful to them for it. You will have to upgrade the staff, kitchen facilities, ingredients and everything in between. Purpose of the game? Cook the best meals in the world in a very short time. You know that there are no problems that you cannot solve, so download it as soon as possible.

Cooking Madness Mod

What do I need?

The most important thing you need in this game is dedication. This is because you will have to press as quickly and as confidently as possible until you have cooked all the dishes correctly. You will start your journey in a tiny forgotten restaurant, but as you progress through the game you will discover more and more places that need your help and assistance. There are many places that have lost touch and customers, but you are sure to revive them with your amazing coordination skills. Be careful, however, and always keep an eye on the clock, because these cunning little devils will interfere with your accounts and make all your devotion go down the drain. It’s hard to be professional.

What can I do in it?

Oh so many! For those who love a challenge, this game is fantastic because it hones all the skills and effort their drivers need. Out of everything people have said about this game, the ability to cook and travel was in the top 10. Culinary Madness lets you discover the many restaurants in a quaint town, and with it, you’ll find a variety of recipes that are both physically and culturally enriching. If you’ve ever been into gastronomy, you know that all the treasures usually lie in great rewards called: TIPS. That’s what comforts this fantastic game as it gives you the chance to earn huge tips and combos if you do your job well. After collecting enough rewards, you will also be able to open new restaurants and showcase your CEO skills there; only every time you open a new restaurant, it’s easier to progress in it. This is because experience gained along with accumulated XP will make customers happier in less time.

Cooking Madness Mod Apk

As you hone your trading skills, you can also upgrade your kitchen and work towards leveling up. As you continue to progress, you get closer to becoming the famous Mad Chef, a prestige that not many people can achieve. If you manage to reach these highs, you will immediately set yourself up for more income, so the business will get a one-click boost. Cooking Madness also has a lot of special missions that deviate from the main storyline a bit so you never get tired of playing the cooking game. Here you will earn unique rewards and show them off to your fellow chefs as you compete to become the ultimate culinary master. Another significant advantage of this strategy game is that that developers are constantly improving it through updates. First they started with one restaurant, then they introduced multi-world travel, then they added recipes, then they increased the rewards, and now they are preparing the next big surprise that we all will surely enjoy. Cooking Madness has just recently introduced a host of special features such as a vegetable festival, an organic farm, various festival packs and [limited] avatars, picnics, kitchen guides, and more.


The developers have also been happy to work on optimizing the visual and overall user experience, so don’t be surprised if you return to this game after a long break from it. It has improved a lot and all the positive reviews from online users are here for us. So, don’t forget to complete all the current fun levels and make your way to the top, because we can guarantee you that this is a brilliant road full of wonders.

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